Gigabit Libraries Network strives to support libraries in expanding digital access equity AND to increase community resilience against crises and disasters

Libraries in Response is a webinar series began March 2020 on how libraries are responding to a wide range of crises: health, social, economic, political and especially climate.

Hosted and recorded by, all session videos can be found on Youtube.

"Libraries in Response"



11/9/23 S82 Getting Right with E-rate


  • Bob Bocher: Library Technology Consultant with the Wisconsin State Library Agency
  • Debra Kreite: Chairperson of the State E-rate Coordinators’ Alliance (SECA)

11/2/23 S81 When Disaster Strikes, Call ITDRC! 


  • Joe Hillis, Operations Director, Information Technology Disaster Resource Center ( 

"America's premier team of volunteer technology professionals - Connecting Communities in Crisis™"

10/19/23 S80  Conversation with the Caterpillar: "Who are YOU?"


  • R. David Lankes, Scholar | Speaker | Writer | Teacher | Advocate, Professor, UT iSchool, Austin, TX 
         "the great opportunity AI presents librarians!"

9/28 S79 "Libraries in Disaster - Arizona and Vermont"


9/21 S78 "Library Diplomacy: What the World Needs Now!"


  • Randolf Mariano, PhD candidate, UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Stephen Wyber, Director, Policy and Advocacy, International Federation of Library Institutions and Associations 

6/29 S77 "Library Strategies to Artificial Intelligence" 


  • Andrew Cox, Senior Lecturer, Digital Societies Research Group 
  • Erik Boekesteijn, Senior Advisor, National Library of the Netherlands

6/15 S76 "Libraries in America" with Deb and Crosby


  • Deborah Fallows,  Author: Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America; Dreaming in Chinese.
  • Crosby Kemper, Director, Institute for Museum and Library Services 

4/27 S75 "State of the States VI" with Annie and Stacey


4/20 S74 Adoption Barriers: Availability, Affordability, Usability 


  • Ryan Palmer,  Global Digital Equity Strategist @ Microsoft Airband

4/06 S73  Conversation with Cory Doctorow


  • Cory Doctorowscience fiction author, activist and journalist. 
  • Panel:
  • Stephen Wyber, Director, Policy and Advocacy, International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  • Jonathan Hernandez Perez, Researcher, Library and Information Institute (IIBI) at National Autonomous University of Mexico

3/30 S72  AI and "The Future of Human Agency"


  • Lee Rainie, Director, Internet and Technology research at Pew Research Center
  • Fiona O’Connor, Senior Services Specialist in Digital Literacy Initiatives, Toronto Public Library
  • David Leonard, President, Boston Public Library

3/9 S71 Broadband from Space: "In To Africa"


  • Dr. Nkem E. Osuigwe,  Development & Training Director, African Library and Information Associations & Institutions (AiFLA)
  • Verengai Mabika, g Entrepreneur, Technology Expert, Blockchain Enthusiast, Senior Policy Advisor 
  • Dr. Larry Press, Professor of Information Systems at California State University

3/2 S70 The Why & How to Get a Seat at the Broadband Table 


  • Doug Dawson:  POTs and PANs: Broadband for All Owner and President CCG Consulting
  • John Windhausen: Executive Director, Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB)

2/9 S69 

Libraries and AI: Boon or Doom


2/3  S68 

Libraries as Climate Adaptation Leaders -Part 2


2/6 S67

Broadband from Space: Health and Education


  • Scott Kiser, Director of Technology, Wise County Public Schools
  • Jack Kennedy,  Central Appalachian Mountains of Virginia
  • Colby Hall, Executive Director, Soar Kentucky

1/13: S66 


Libraries as Climate Adaptation Leaders


12/9: S65  


Broadband from Space: SpaceX/Starlink & Amazon/Kuiper

  • Erica Myers, Senior Manager, Global Government Affairs, SpaceX 
  • Christopher Hemmerlein, Senior Manager, Public Policy at Amazon

12/2: S64


“Perspectives on LEO Satellites” from the Internet Society

7/8: S63

"If the Internet is Broken, How Can Libraries Help Fix it?"


3/11: S62

"State of the States V"


3/4: S61

"State of the States IV"


2/25: S60

"State of the States III"


2/18: S59

"State of the States II"


  • Stephanie Baily-White: Idaho State Librarian
  • Jacob Speer: Indiana State Librarian
  • Wendy Knapp: Ohio State Librarian

2/4: S58

"State of the States" (NEWLY UPDATED)


  • Sara Jones: State Librarian at State of Washington
  • Gloria Marez: State Librarian Texas
  • Annie Norman: State Librarian at Delaware Division of Libraries


8/13: S55

How long will it take for everyone to have available broadband


7/16: S54

Libraries for all? Libraries expand infrastructure


  • Drew Clark: Editor and Publisher of
  • John Busby: Managing Director of

7/11: S53 Part 2

Two American Libraries Worlds Apart: Part 2


7/10: S53 Part 1

Two American Libraries Worlds Apart: Part 1


  • Kelvin Watson: Executive Director at Las Vegas Clark-County Library District

6/11: S52

Equity, Access and Inclusion at the Library


6/4: S51

Smart City AI: How smart, how soon and where do libraries fit in?


  • Ellen Goodman: Law Professor at Rutgers Law School
  • Deb Socia: The Enterprise Center

5/28: S50

Libraries in the U.S. and China across their communities


  • Professor Sophia Shu: 
  • Lisa Guernsey: Director of Teaching, Learning, and Tech, and Senior Advisor on Early & Elementary Ed Policy at New America

5/27: S49

Get Telehealthy at your Library Part 2


  • Nicole Barnes: Business Director, Australian Library Association
  • Annie Norman: Delaware State Librarian
  • Dianne Connery: Pottsboro, TX Super Librarian

5/21: S48

Getting Telehealthy at the Library


5/15: S47

Reimagining and Rethinking the Library Part 2


  • Allison Marshall: Senior Associate, Gensler
  • Traci Lesneski: CEO, Principal, MSR Design & co-chair of the American Library Association's Architecture for Public Libraries

5/7: S46 

Welcome Patty Wong: 2021-2022 ALA President


  • Patty Wong: City Librarian of Santa Monica Public Library and President-Elect of the ALA for the 2021-2022 term
  • Stephen Wyber: IFLA Manager Policy and Advocacy

4/30: S45 - Part 2

State Library Agencies - Key to National Recovery


  • Janet McKenney: Director of Library Development for Maine State Library
  • Mark Smith: Director and Librarian for Texas State Library and Archives Commission

4/23: S44 - Part 1

State Library Agencies - Key to National Recovery


4/18: S43 

How-to Workshop for Making Comments to the FCC on Emergency Connectivity


4/10: S42

Broadband as Civic Infrastructure


  • John Horrigan: Senior Fellow at Technology Policy Institute
  • Angela Siefer: Executive Director at National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA)

4/8: Special Session

Beyond the Parking Lot! (Special Session) - $7Billion ECF Impact on Libraries


4/2: S41 "E-rate Funds for Remote Learning"

FCC OK's "Use of E-rate Funds for Remote Learning"


  • Dustin Li: Connectivity Geek & Director, Information Disaster Resource Center, 
  • Mark Colwell: Director of Telecommunications Strategy Voqal 
  • Don Means: Director, Gigabit Libraries Network

3/26: S40  “Emergency Connectivity Fund”  


  • Bob Bocher: ALA Fellow on e-Rate and Broadband 
  • John Harrington: CEO, Funds for Learning, LLC 
  • Steve Augustino: Partner in the Telecommunications Practice Group at Kelley Drye & Warren LLP. 

3/12 & 3/19   Spring Break!

3/5: S39 The Emerald Isle meets the Show-Me State


  • Stuart Hamilton: Ireland Head, Libraries Development at Local Government Management Agency 
  • Robin Westphal: State Librarian at Missouri Secretary Of State

2/26: S38 "Offline Internet (?!)"


  • Laura HosmanSolarSPELL, ASU Associate Professor, School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS)
  • Bruce Baikie: ASU - Co-Director - SolarSPELL Initiative
  • Grégoire Pouget: Directeur Technique Bibliothèques Sans Frontières / Libraries Without Borders

2/19: S37 Do Community Networks Work?


Get the latest on this trend and the roles of libraries as critical nodes or even hubs in these networks.

2/12: S36 RENs Support Library Wireless


How state Research and Education Networks are innovating with wireless to expand library connectivity.

2/5: No session (midwinter break)

1/29: S35 Library Responses to Big A.I. 


  • Pam Ryan: Director, Service Development and Innovation, Toronto Public Library
  • Richard Whitt: Fellow in Residence at Mozilla Foundation and President Glia Foundation
  • R. David Lankes: Director University of South Carolina iSchool

“AI is happening faster than most people think, and the public is not adequately prepared for it. Everything we do will somehow be impacted by AI. The public library, in our teaching role, can play a very important part in preparing the public for what lies ahead.” - Monique de Conge Zeisenhenne, Fmr. Director, Palo Alto City Library

1/15: S34 Strategies for Optimizing Funding in 2021


1/8: S33 Fiber to the Library: Open Access Model

"First Friday 2021: Middle Mile - Fiber to the Library"



12/18: S32 Final Friday 2020: Backward and Forward

"Final Friday 2020: Social Infrastructure and Wireless Infrastructure - 2021”


  • Michelle Jeske: Director, Denver Public Library and current President, Public Libraries Association.
  • Julie Walker: State Librarian for the Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS).

12/11: S31 More broadband stimulus coming? Be ready!


  • Tom Wheeler: Brookings Institute and FMR. Chairman at FCC
  • Michael Calabrese: Director, Wireless Future Project: part of New America's Open Technology Institute.

12/4: S30 A Time for New Library Stories


11/20: S29 Research & Education Networks as Critical Connectivity Partners


  • Cathrin Stöver: Chief Communication Officer at GÉANT, the leading collaboration on e-infrastructure and services for global research and education.
  • Jim Stewart: Chief Technology Officer, Utah Education & Telehealth Network (UETN)

11/13: S28 Story of the Library 2.0 & Librarians' New Future


  • Steve HargadonFounder and co-Chair of Libraries 2.0, a virtual and physical event online communities with over 150,000 members.
  • Sandy Hirsh: Associate Dean of Academics at San Jose State University, former head of the SJSU iSchool and co-Chair of Library 2.0

11/6: S27 US voted! What will that mean for 2021 and Beyond?


  • Blair Levin: Sr. Fellow at Brookings Institute, former FCC Chief of Staff and head of the FCC's 2009 National Broadband Plan. 
  • John Windhausen: Executive Director of the Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition

10/30: S26  Every Community Connected

Partnership for Public Access ( 

2020 Declaration


  • Stephen Wyber: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
  • Jane Coffin: Internet Society
  • Teddy Woodhouse, Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI)/ Web Foundation
  • Mei Lin Fung: People Centered Internet
  • Edouard Delbende: Bibliothéques Sans Frontières
  • Ramune Petuchovaite: EIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries)
  • Carlos Rey-Moreno: Association for Progressive Communications 
  • Don Means: Gigabit Libraries Network (GLN)

10/23: S25  Going Forward with Libraries Inside Out.

  • Jeffrey Hoover: Architect at Tappé Architects, Boston
  • Sarah M. Townsend: Assistant Director of Suffolk Public Library
  • Charles Wray: Principal at Quinn Evans Architects
  • Barbara Weedman: Henrico County Public Library

9/25: S24  Reimagining and Rethinking the Library

Former mayor of Ft. Wayne, IN joins with Broward County Library Director to lead discussion on emerging library roles and service models.

9/18: S23 All-Star Panel

New round kicks off with an All-Star panel: Explore the future of the internet and the role of libraries as digital service providers!

  • Vint Cerf: Chief Internet Evangelist at Google
  • Crosby Kemper: Director at The Kansas City Public Library
  • R. David Lankes: Professor and Director of University of South Carolina iSchool


9/11: S22 Public Access Expansion: Priorities & Strategies


  • Stephen Wyber: International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, "The global voice of the library and information profession."
  • Lisa ShawMaine State Library "helps people, makes Maine libraries stronger and transforms information into knowledge."

8/28: S21 How Spectrum, Community Networks and Libraries Join to Expand Public Access


8/21: S20 Outside-In(ternet) and Inside-out(doors) 


  • John Bracken: Executive Director, Digital Public Library of America - Emerging trends for digitalization
  • Stephen AbramExecutive Director of the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries - Libraries delivering services about in communities

8/14: S19 What's a GIGABIT Library is the Building is Closed? 


  • Carson Block: President at Carson Block Consulting Inc. and has created a "Broadband Toolkit" for Internet2 and "Toward Gigabit Libraries" project, funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS).
  • Bruno Duarte Eiras: Director of Library Services at the Directorate General for Books, Archives and Libraries in Portugal. "(DGLAB) is a public body under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture."

8/7: S18 Reset? - Fundamentals


  • R. David Lankes: Join to help us revisit the basics of:  “What is a Library if the Building is Closed?” - internet access, digital services, physical materials, social infrastructure
  • Lex Dennis: Director of Lifelong Learning at The Drucker Institute
  • Jennifer Henecke: St. Joseph County Library, discussing their breakthrough project: Bendable, a new lifelong learning system. 

7/31: S17 Whats is a School(!) if the Building is Closed?

Back to school edition! 


  • Isobel Hunter: UK CEO of Libraries Connected will update on happenings in the UK over past 5 months and describe the many innovative ways libraries there are responding to the crisis. 
  • Heather Lamb: Castleberry ISD Lead Librarian
  • Jacob Bowser: Castleberry ISD ICT Director share the district's strategy to build its own wide area wireless system to connect students and their larger inside out approach to serving learners where they are.

7/24: Summer Break

S16: 7/17 What's a Library...Kiosk?! & TV Whitespace


  • Matt Delany: Director at Millinocket Memorial Library, Millinocket ME 
  • Shirley Apley: Library Director at Huron, SD Library
  • Stephen Houser: Milledgeville, GA Library
  • Bob Bocher, ALA Fellow on e-Rate and Broadband

S15: 7/10 Two Tales from Texas


  • Eddy Smith: Texas 2020 Librarian of the Year, and Abilene Library Consortia Director. Eddy is a state leader on broadband as part of the state broadband commission. Libraries at the table. Imagine! – keywords: CIPA, eRate, rural connectivity, WiFi, COVID-19
  • Katherine Messier: Mobile Beacon: EBS, FCC, tribal areas
  • Dianne Connery: Rural Special Projects Librarian of Pottsboro Library has a compelling plan to partner with a local wireless provider to use EBS to reach students at home who otherwise lack access. Pottsboro just scored #1 in state CARES grant out of 116 applicants! How'd they do that? – keywords: rural connectivity, low-income students, devices, CARES Act, partnerships
  • JJ McGrath: TekWav: 2.5GHz, WiFi, rural connectivity 

7/3 Holiday

S14: 6/26 K-20 w/ CENIC & Reinventing.School


  • Howard Blumenthal: Co-Executive Producer at Reinventing.School and creator "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" Before the virus more than a billion children and teenagers relied upon school for learning. With the virus basic assumptions about school and education are no longer reliable. 
  • Louis Fox: President & CEO at CENIC: discussing uses of every tool in the box from fiber to high performance wireless in a mix of technologies and business models to serve the connectivity needs of learners of all ages and stages in every community.

    S13: 6/19 DIY Wireless and ICT Challenges Worldwide


    • Michael Calabrese: New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute gives a high level overview on a range of comparatively low cost wireless options for libraries and their communities to utilize. 
    • Ramune Petuchovaite: Electronic Information For Libraries on how the more than 230, 000 public libraries in developing and transition economy countries but where many struggle to integrate ICT into their services. 

    S12: 6/12 Prioritizing in a Crisis


    • Kelvin Watson: Director, Broward County Libraries on challenges of reopening and on their success partnering with other community anchors.
    • Eric Klinenberg: Author, Palaces for the People on how to design a library environment outside of the building. 

    6/5 *** Taking a knee ***

    S11: 5/29  Re-opening Strategies in Ohio und Deutschland


    • Silke Niermann: CEO of Stadtbibliothek Gütersloh GmbH (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) since 2015; 30 years working as an librarian in German public libraries.
    • Rebecca Ranallo: Information & Technology Literacy Manager for the Cuyahoga County Public Library, oversees innovation implementation and training.

    S10: 5/22 Bringing Connectivity to All


    5/15 : No Session

    Round One (Sessions 1-9): 

    S9: 5/8 Library Experiences of Lockdown


    • David Lee King: Digital Services Director at Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library talked about his experience, suggesting that with the lockdown, he had had the busiest month of his life.
    • Stuart Hamilton: Head of Libraries Development for Ireland, started by sharing figures on the experience of public libraries in Ireland over the period of lock-down.

    S8: 5/1 Extending Connectivity from the Library


    • Sharon Strover: Professor in Communication at UT and fmr Chair of the Radio-TV-Film Department provides an overview of library hotspot lending study she led for IMLS.  
    • Sara Jones: Marin County Library Director: talks about a check out hotspot program to benefit students and a proposed project to build a Student (mesh) WiFi Network in a high density, lower income neighborhood. 
    • Scott G. Allen: Deputy Director, Public Library Association (US):  provides details on newly announced partnership with Microsoft for Public WiFi Access Micro Grant Program where in “April 2020, Microsoft will provide $120,000 to help public libraries in rural communities with hardware and support to install public WiFi access points on or near library grounds.”  
    • Joseph Wender: Senator Ed Markey (MA) Sr. Policy Advisor: discusses prospects for passage of new bill for "a $4 billion emergency connectivity fund to strengthen a Federal Communications Commission program so qualifying schools and libraries can purchase Wi-Fi hotspots modems routers and other connected devices for students during the COVID-19 pandemic."

    S7: 4/27 It's Global!

    • Hayford Siaw: Executive Director - Ghana Library Authority: Africa part 1 story
    • Crosby Kemper: IMLS Director, gives a high level view of and objectives for new stimulus funds.
    • Julie Walker: GA Librarian, provides updates and shares new data on recent access usage.
    • Raphaëlle Bats: Relations Internationales, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information et Bibliothèques(ENSIB) - Lyon, France - shares activities and possible reopening strategies.

    S6: 4/17 Arizona to Africa


    • Nicole Umayam: Digital Inclusion Library Consultant at Arizona State Library
    • Nkem Osuigwe: Director at Anambra State Library Board

    S5: 4/10 Connectivity and Community


    • Ryan McDowell: Director of Technology at Educational Service Unit 5: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • Christian Lauersen: Director of Libraries and Citizen Services at Roskilde Kommune

    S4: 4/3 Earliest Responses


    • Joe Hillis: Operations Director at ITDRC
    • Cindy Allen, Washington State Librarian

    S3: 3/28 Physical Materials


    • Ann Okerson: Senior Advisor at Center for Research Libraries
    • Stephen Houser: Director at West Georgia Regional Library System
    • Carrie Coogan
    • Stuart Hamilton: Head of Libraries Development at Local Government Management Agency (LGMA)

    S2: 3/27 Digital Services


    • Nathaniel Rasmussen: Head of IT Services at Schlow Centre Region Library
    • Jim O'Donnell: Professor and University Librarian at Arizona State University
    • Stuart Hamilton: Head of Libraries Development at Local Government Management Agency (LGMA)
    • Gregoire Pouget: President and Co-Founder of Nothing2Hide
    • Ryan McDowell: Director of Technology at Educational Service Unit 5 - University of Nebraska - Lincoln

    S1: 3/26 Internet Access


    Background: Community SecondNets 

    Libraries, partnering with other anchor institutions as second responders in disaster, installing WWAN's with open spectrum #TVWS #WiFi and other open frequency wireless  #IMLS 

      Background: Community SecondNets 
      Libraries, partnering with other anchor institutions as second responders in disaster, installing WWAN's with open spectrum #TVWS #WiFi and other open frequency wireless  #IMLS 

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